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The innovation of Timken bearings in slab continuous casting machine with roller bearing ADAPT

Author:   Date:2018/3/16
First, the application challenge of the bearing of the slab caster and the shortage of the application of the traditional bearingThe application of the roller bearing in the slab caster is divided into two kinds, fixed end and floating end. The current operating environment and design requirements put forward many challenges of slab caster roller assembly design such as: high temperature up to 900 DEG C, need to design excellent cooling: axial heat up to 6mm expansion: up to a load of 100 tons, the need to reduce the bending deformation of the roller; the speed is low, 1.5 per minute to 15 rpm range, the bearing between roller and raceway is difficult to form oil film etc.. These harsh application environments have high requirements for bearing. Therefore, the performance of the bearings is crucial to the cost control and reliability of the caster. The floating end bearing must meet the following requirements: compact size and high static radial bearing capacity; the maximum should be 0.5 degrees anti eccentric ability; axial 6mm with positive and negative floating ability, the axial thermal expansion compensation roller; because of low speed, no need in the normal operation or a small amount of lubricating oil film lubrication conditions easy to install, dismantle and repair.Spherical roller bearing good performance at the fixed end, the fixed end bearing is preferred. However, the application of floating end bearing has been greatly challenged. The floating roller bearings in the bearing seat by early design, but the actual application effect of poor at high radial load, bearing the axial force required for axial floating will lead to uneven bearing force. Aiming at the above problems, there are three kinds of traditional solutions: one is the cylindrical roller bearing with special roller / roller type is built, two cylindrical roller bearing equipped with spherical liner (also known as self adjustable heart-shaped cylindrical roller bearings, TOROIDAL bearings) three. Both of these three schemes have some advantages, but they also have their own shortcomings, such as lack of eccentricity, low bearing capacity, or difficulty in installing and disassembling. Anti static and dynamic performance of eccentric bearings require both ideal axial cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearing floating performance, sufficient carrying capacity, and has the advantages of convenient operation etc..Two. Design, operation, technical performance and advantages of new ADAPT bearing of The Timken CompanyAfter several years of design and verification, the The Timken Company introduced a new bearing product, ADAPT bearing, after several years of design and verification.The outer ring raceway is a spherical shape design, the roller is a curved design with a special repair type, and the inner ring raceway is a planar design (cylinder). The above unique shape design is combined to form a "three point contact". In particular, the inner ring and the roller contact each other in a single position, and the roller and the outer ring are in contact with the two positions. The contact position of the outer ring is symmetrically distributed with the contact position of the inner ring, thus ensuring the stability of the roller when the force is subjected to force.The ADAPT bearing also uses the full loader design with the cage. While getting the highest bearing capacity, the installation is convenient to ensure that the roller will not be scattered.2. bearing operationUnder the condition of no axially floating and eccentric, the load of the bearing is balanced with the reaction force. As can be seen from Figure 2, the axial floating of the cylindrical inner ring has no effect on the distribution of the load. When there is an eccentricity, the counterforce of the roller to the outer ring is unbalanced, and the load on the roller will increase at one end and the other end is reduced, as shown in Figure 3. As the roller always seeks load balance during the rotation process, the axial assembly at one end of the load will drive the roller movement until the load is rebalanced, and the roller will reach a steady state again.Integrated bearing cage, in the process of bearing installation and dismantling, hoop solid roller, so that it will not be scattered. The inner ring of the bearing can be installed separately on the roller, and the outer ring roller assembly is installed in the bearing seat independently, and it can also be installed as a whole according to the needs. The application of the detachable inner ring makes the installation of the bearing more convenient, and the inner and outer rings are not required to be assembled as a whole. When the bearing cage and the detachable inner ring are used in combination, the damage of the roller and the raceway can be checked quickly and conveniently.3. technical performanceThe contact stress distribution model of the roller raceway of ADAPT bearing shows that the stress level is within the design requirements.The bearing samples were tested for heat and life. The test results show that the design is safe and reliable. The measured bearing operating temperature is less than the contrast of spherical roller bearing temperature, working life is longer than the standard to calculate the lifetime of L10 ISO. These exciting results have driven the test of the next finished product bearings.The Timken Company and SIEMENS VAI were finished bearing test cooperation, field test in commercial continuous casting production line. The field test results of finished bearings bearing samples and test results are roughly the same: ADAPT bearing operating temperature is lower than the contrast of spherical roller bearing operating temperature, the actual life is longer than the lifetime of L10 theory. The lower running temperature means smaller internal sliding friction, the prolongation of the actual life and the increase of the load equivalent mean the high reliability of the bearing. The eccentricity test results show that the roller and the cage do not exceed the outer ring raceway in the case of the maximum deviation of 0.5 degrees. In January 2011, a new milestone was achieved in the TA4024VC3 bearing test of the straightener roll - 1 million tons of steel. At the same time, the TA4032VC3 type bearing in the horizontal roll test runs up to 650 thousand tons of steel. The test is still ongoing, and it is expected that the bearing TA4024VC3 will run more than 2 million 700 thousand tons of steel, and the bearing TA4032VC3 will run more than 4 million tons of steel.

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