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The Timken Company successfully held a workshop on the application of machine tool bearings

Author:   Date:2018/3/16
The 6 - day fifteenth China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT) is about to fall to the curtain. In addition to exhibiting 1639 exhibitors from different countries and regions, the exhibition has also set up rich lectures on technical exchanges.As the only enterprise that held the exchange of bearing applications during the exhibition, the The Timken Company successfully held a workshop on the application of machine tools in April 18th. The conference attracted about 75 participants from the machine tool industry guests, will accommodate a total of 60 people packed a meeting room.China's machine tool market is undergoing a comprehensive and profound change, providing products and services that meet the new requirements of customers. It is a common task for machine tool manufacturers to implement the development route of supply side reform to the actual production. With the deep understanding of machine tool industry, in the 2.5 hours of communication time, market leaders and engineering managers of The Timken Company machine tool take turns to take the lead in machine tool bearing technology. The well-designed speech content not only helped participants to deepen their cognition of the types and application characteristics and advantages of Timken machine tool bearings, but also understood the practical service content of The Timken Company's leading service and precision bearing damage modes. The guests were warmly echoed, and most of the participants said Timken's precision bearing solutions were very helpful to their work.To improve the performance of machine tool, the The Timken Company in the long history of industry innovation and service continuously put forward the global machine tool advanced solutions, with high speed, high resolution, high accuracy and high repeatability of machine bearing power industry customers to solve all kinds of challenge.The machine uses the standard Timken bearing product tolerance and stability than ISO or ABMA, which can meet the stringent demand beyond the industry standard, widely used in machine tool spindle, rotary table and ball screw parts. 

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