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The Timken Company grants scholarships to 17 staff and children in the world

Author:   Date:2018/3/15
The Timken Company, the leader of global bearing and mechanical power transmission, recently awarded scholarships to 17 employees from 13 countries and regions in the world. The $540 thousand scholarship in four years is provided and distributed by the The Timken Company charity and education foundation. In the 60 years since its establishment in 1958, the project has issued more than $23 million scholarships to outstanding students.In the United States of Ohio, North Canton The Timken Company global headquarters, M. chairman John Timken, Mr. Jr. held a ceremony for the winning students and their parents. The local award-winning students and parents took part in the ceremony, and the winners and parents in other areas attended the award ceremony by live online. "This year is the sixtieth year for us to set up a scholarship program," Mr. Timken said. In the past years, students have taken the prize as an opportunity to return the world with positive energy in their career. I'm sure this year's award-winning students will have the same performance in the future. "The Henry Timken scholarship, which is $35000 per school year and a total of $140000 for four years, is used to honor the best applicants. This year's Henry Timken scholarship was obtained by Nicholas Laplant, the son of Scott LaPlant, the manufacturing technology manager of the Ashe baler bearing plant in North Carolina, USA. Nicholas, a senior high school student at Randolph University, was prepared to go to Duke University in the United States to study biomedical engineering. He hopes to be a physician in the future.Among Chinese applicants, Jiang JOYOU, the son of Supplier Quality Development Manager Jiang Xijun, won a one-time scholarship of $10000. Jiang JOYOU is currently a junior high school student in Wuxi No. 1 middle school. He plans to study in the Department of environmental engineering at the Tongji University in Shanghai after graduation.The The Timken Company's charity and education fund project is a student program for the children of the The Timken Company. The project embodies the importance and efforts of the The Timken Company to encourage and promote potential students to pursue higher education. The criteria for assessing students' potential mainly include academic performance, team leadership, participation in social activities, and personal goals. Since 2004, 20 staff and children of the The Timken Company in China have won the scholarship.

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