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Large medical equipment research and manufacturing company located in Hefei

Author:   Date:2014/9/27
Yesterday morning, RUC time imaging technology, Ltd of Anhui Province-cum-and the Academy of science and advanced technology cooperation agreement signing ceremony held at the Pearl of the Hefei high-tech industrial park. This marks the first large-scale medical equipment research and production enterprise in the province was officially settled in Hefei, the province to fill in the blank. Province Planning Commission Director Yu Dezhi, Deputy Director of the provincial development and Reform Commission Wu Jinsong, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of science and technology Liu Mingping, municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Han Bing, attended the ceremony.
Anhui time medical group is a high-end medical diagnostic equipment with independent intellectual property rights and development and manufacturing business, has a series of creative products competing with the differentiation of transnational corporations. Beauty video technology company established in Anhui Province, is the time medical group's future development strategy of important layout. The company plans to invest 600 million yuan in high-tech zone established time medical CT and DR global headquarters.
Han Bing, in his speech said that currently, Hefei is to actively promote transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, time medical settles in, fills a gap in large medical equipment research and manufacturing enterprises in Hefei. Hefei welcome original mature technology, a product of large medical equipment company. Municipal Government will spare no efforts to provide the services and support to ensure project in Hefei, fertile ground for early production, early on this investment to bear fruit.

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