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Problems needing attention to prevent bearing failure which

Author:   Date:2014/9/26
Bearing manufacturing traditionally have been forging, heat treatment, machining, grinding and assembling multiple machining operations. Rationality, progressiveness, stability of the machining process will also affect the service life of the bearing. Which affect the quality of finished bearings heat treatment and grinding processes, often associated with bearing failures have a more direct relationship. Research on bearing surface degenerating layer shows that in recent years, closely related to the surface quality of bearing grinding process.
1, paint and Rust prevention
Paint the rust is characterized by multiple sealed-type motor, motor sounds good when it is assembled, but put some time in the warehouse, motor noise becomes very large, remove the bearing is badly rusted. Problems which were many manufacturers will be considered to be bearings, motor factory now have realized the problem is primarily varnish, the issue mainly because of the varnish out of volatile acids form at a certain temperature, humidity, corrosive substances, corrosion causes bearing damage bearing Raceway. This issue can only be a good selection of varnishes, and in the drying air after a period of time after the Assembly.
Bearing life is closely associated with manufacturing, Assembly, use, and you must do at each of the sessions, only when using the bearing these considerations noted above to make bearings in top operating condition, thus prolonging the service life of the bearing.
In order to make sure that the bearings have been running in good condition, regular maintenance and repair are necessary, so as to achieve protection against accidents and it happens, improve production efficiency and cost saving. Here affects professional maintenance is going to be, there must be standard system processes, including running, lubricants, periodic removal, noise, temperature and so on a series of tests.
2, selection and control of shaft and housing tolerances
Press bearing into should be flexible without block. There is rotation is not flexible, then the shaft size is too big, tolerance to downgrade. If the bearing is pressed into the shaft turns by hand after apparently "rustling" sense, tolerance of the shaft may be too large or the roundness of the axis is not good. So in the control of shaft and housing tolerances should also control the roundness.
3, assemble foreign body to prevent
Bearings mounted on the rotor dynamic balance easily will enter the bearing dynamic balancing produced when iron filings, so it is best to install the bearing before balancing. Some manufacturers in order to easy installation and Assembly in interior coated with oil or grease for lubrication of the bearing effect, but operators often hard to control, and if oil or grease in the bearing room accumulates more in the bearing rotates easily along the shaft into the bearing. Preferably do not apply oil or grease bearings, such as non-coating is not available to control should not be bearing there accumulates.

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