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The maintenance of the engine crankshaft Kit

Author:   Date:2014/9/26

Decomposition of the engine, check Crankshaft Deflection degree. The use of V ring supporting a crankshaft, the dial indicator is used to read the degree of Crankshaft Deflection, the deflection degree shall not exceed the limit of use, limits the use of 0.05mm. Crankshaft deflection degree often becomes the cause of the abnormal vibration of large engine, the vibration will shorten the service life of the engine. Therefore, beyond the limits the use of it should be sent to the repair department to repair or replace. Check the bearing before, should first use of cleaning solvent cleaning bearings, and oil.
Turn the inner race to check if the rotation is smooth, if the rotation is not flexible, uniform, and a "crash cascade, cascade", should further examine the ball track and ball. If the ball and seat ring has serious pitting, peeling, rupture, is replaced by a new bearing. If the bearing to rotate very smooth, no blocking phenomenon, but the "clang clang" noisy, should check whether the wear too much. Inspection methods available with both hands to hold in the outer ring, before and after the driving bearing, if you are a great shaking of the gap, should replace the bearings.
Then check bearing oil seal, if wear, rupture, hardening, damage the seal may lead to leakage of fuel and air mixture or oil. This seals should be replaced. Check the connecting rod big end bearing, rotate the crankshaft connecting rod with the rotary motion, should feel head of smoothly. But while tightly fixed with the crankshaft, connecting rod side pull up and down, to confirm whether there is sound head.
Wear the big end of the connecting rod can be estimated by examining the small end of the connecting rod to swing, this method can also check the degree of wear parts of the connecting rod big end. Such as wear exceeds the limit, connecting rod, crank pin and crank pin shaft went to repair or replace all. The degree of wear and tear of not more than 3.0mm.

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