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Cause of the difficulty of working with bearing installation

Author:   Date:2014/9/25
Bearing after installation, when you turn the bearing outer ring or shaft by hand can be a rotation is not particularly flexible, bearing rotation caused by difficulties for many reasons, one of the most common reasons are the following several points:
1, there are impurities entering the bearing, these contaminants may be iron oxide scale, dirt, small Assembly workshop of iron debris and dirt. Minor impurities into the bearing pads after pressing and grinding effect, causing the bearing rotation problems, severe cases can lead to bearing damage.
2, cause damage to the bearing properties of liquid into the bearing, common cause damage to bearings of rolling liquid liquids including water, acid, alkali, corrosive liquids into the bearings, bearings bearing rust, corrosion and other adverse phenomena, especially when used long-term standing idle machinery, rust and corrosion phenomena is even more serious.
3, bearing clearance is too small, there are special bearings must be used by the device requires more clearance products (for example: C3 and C4 radial internal clearance of bearings), such special equipment including boilers, hot-rolled, high speed devices, and so on. These devices or since the high temperature, or high speed, making the original bearings with standard clearance to not work properly. Therefore, these devices need to use larger radial internal clearance of bearings.
4, insufficient or excessive lubricant or bearing. No matter how high quality bearings in the case of no lubrication is not normally available. Similarly, if you add excess grease, while the machine is running may cause bearing internal space, thus forcing the bearing internal grease spills, damage the device sealing products.
5, shaft, shaft, bearing manufacturing precision is too low or the use of distortion, shaft neck, shoulder, lower precision of bearing gaps result in bearing and the other components of the device installation, thus affecting the precision of the bearings.
6, bearing an external installation seal is incorrect, such as sealed too tightly or seal friction and related components,
7, cage deformation. During transportation and installation of the bearing may result in deformation of the bearing cages. This is one reason some bearings products are not normally available.
To sum up: abnormal damage of the bearings is not without reason, is usually caused because we are careless in the use of the injury and the difficulty of working, resulting in unnecessary losses.

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