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Avoid early failure of NC machine tool bearings

Author:   Date:2014/9/24
1, the axial internal clearance of the bearing in machine tools to ensure
In order to avoid fluctuation of axial pressure (greater than ± 10%) and possibly instant instantaneous pressure effect, numerical control equipment generally uses specialized equipment axial pressure controller, axial pressure transient pressures can be reduced.
2, development of bearings operating procedures
In terms of use and management of NC machine tool bearings should be set to maintain the actual, proven procedures. For example, lubrication, maintenance, proper use and specification of bearing maintenance, and so on, is the main content of numerical control equipment use and management. Development and compliance with rules is one of the important measures to ensure safe operation of the CNC machine tool bearings.
3, maintenance of NC machine tool bearings
Many types of CNC machine tool bearings, all kinds of NC machine tool bearings because of their function, structure and bearing Assembly is different, each with different characteristics. Its contents and rules of bearing maintenance and each has its own characteristics and specific according to the machine type, bearing type and actual usage, and referring to the machine's specifications, developing and establishing the necessary bearings, grading and maintenance of systems on a regular basis.

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