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When the bearing operating temperature is too high should be taken to dispose

Author:   Date:2014/9/24
Prone to overheating in the bearing, leading to operation friction goes up, resulting in equipment damage. Lead to unnecessary costs. When we found the equipment appears to be damaged and when high temperatures, you should first determine what operations are in compliance with applicable regulations. On the premise of operation is correct, take the necessary tests. First check cooling water pressure is normal, and then view the flow of cooling water pipe system is normal. If the water pressure is too low, that might be because the filter clogging phenomenon. Had this problem must be processed in a timely manner, otherwise it will cause very serious impact. We need to clear the filter, ensure that the bearing applications where cooling properly.
Bearing lubrication system should then be detected, see if the lubricating oil is invalid, there is no oil leakage. If you find oil deterioration must be immediately replaced with new oil. If there is a sealing gasket seepage, but should be immediately replaced for a new sealing gasket. Only quickly and effectively find out causes of bearing operating temperature is too high, and lifted. To protect the stability and efficient functioning of the bearing.

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