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Bearing overheating how to solve

Author:   Date:2014/9/24

Dang we in using bearing of when, if found its temperature is high of situation Xia, should quickly stop equipment running, slightly stopped cool after and find causes, and according to causes made solution programme for processing, why will reached high temperature, but may due to deep ditch ball bearing fever of causes different, so solution of way also different, so also is to specific situation specific treats, in Aang technicians of help Xia completed. Aang engineers today and we are going to learn about it.
A, oil Cup
Oil Cup is set on the HCH bearing-cap oil or oil pressure oil cups, regularly rotate the screw cap or inject the grease with a grease gun.
B, filling grease method
So-called filling grease method is regularly to the bearing surface to fill the right amount of grease, grease lubrication is one of the most commonly used method.
C, for grease pressure method
For grease method relies on the grease pump for grease pressure. Liquid grease should be used at this time.
D, centralized grease method
Method of centralized grease through the grease pump, while the deep groove ball bearings and other parts for fat. Similarly, the grease should be used at this time mobile offerings and good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of grease, is a method for grease pressure.

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