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Japan NTN developed a new sintered alloy products manufacturing technology

Author:   Date:2014/5/22

Japan NTN developed molding precision and excellent durability in manufacturing technology of sintered alloy products. True density ratio of over 95%, over fatigue strength of 300MPa, have reached "the highest levels in the world" (NTN). Prior to using the technology of machining, cam gears and sprockets, power transmission machinery part into sinter alloys.
A newly developed manufacturing technology based on powder metallurgy method. Powder metallurgy process, after the powder metal forming, temperatures below the melting point of the material produced, sintering of metal powders. Can be implemented using metal molds processed close to the product itself, the shape of the (near-NET shape), so has the advantage of less material wear and energy consumption in the process. However, the powder metallurgy process, easy to form tiny pores, and cutting method of casting and die casting products made of than poor fatigue problems.
Powder, molding manufacturing technologies through improvement of the material conditions and firing conditions and molding pressure lowered to 6T~10tf/cm2 (588M~981MPa) lower level, achieving high density sintered. In addition to using self-developed heat treatment technology for sintered body, metal forming and sintering are times of increased fatigue strength of sintered alloy products to more than 300MPa. When the sintering methods of manufacturing gear is used, producing a tooth root and tooth surface is very rugged gear. Specifically, the tooth's surface compressive strength can be raised to above 2GPa reach 1.5 times more than in the past. This is expected to significantly simplify the production of power transmission machinery part.
NTN will Japan metallurgical Science together to accelerate development of sintered alloy products using new technologies.

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