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Domestic high-end bearing casting area prospect worrying

Author:   Date:2014/5/20

Internal metal bearing foundry industry has developed rapidly, and shoulder the important mission of high-end equipment made in our country, in the "Twelve-Five" plan, under the guidance of China's foundry industry development plan in the bearing, that is, items and export.
It is understood that in rail transportation, medical equipment, energy, aerospace, automotive lightweight, rail transit development in various fields, along with the bearing of foundry industry in China improved markedly. Bearing foundry industry in traditional markets while actively open up new markets, or even the edge of the market were ignored in the past have also been developed.
Planning notes that "Twelve-Five" during the construction of the high-speed rail will reach a new high, 2011 national plan of railway infrastructure investment of 700 billion yuan for the entire high-speed rail equipment manufacturing company offers a huge market opportunity.
The medium-and long-term railway network plan of 2008 restructuring by 2012, China will build 42 high-speed passenger dedicated line, total mileage of more than 13,000 kilometers, the EMU will create 800 new demand by 2020 China's high speed railway mileage will reach 18,000 km for China's high-speed rail bearings provide a broader market spaces. High iron-bearing market in the next three years will exceed 2 billion yuan. As the basis for high-speed area of high speed rolling bearing parts, but Sweden SKF, and Germany FAG, and Japan NTN and other international giants firmly occupy the Chinese market. Although a small number of domestic enterprises can train bearings manufacturing level of 200 kilometers per hour, but related procurement Department will adopt imported parts.
In this light, high-end bearing the casting area in China's future development will encounter a lot of difficulties, the prospect is really worrying.

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