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Classification of bearings

Author:   Date:2014/5/16

By type of rolling elements of rolling bearings can be divided into two broad categories: (1) ball bearings (ball bearings), rolling it to the ball and (2) roller bearings (roller bearing), the rolling cylinder.
Rolling bearings as it can withstand the load direction can be divided into the following categories:
Radial spherical plain bearings can only accommodate radial loads (such as radial short cylindrical roller bearing), or is capable of withstanding radial load at the same time, little bear axial loads (such as radial ball bearings).
Radial-axial bearings can accommodate combined radial and axial loads, and can be radial or axial load to the load.
Radial spherical plain bearings can accommodate axial thrust loads, while it can also withstand axial load, radial load for the little bear.
Thrust bearings can only accommodate axial loads.
According to the directions and rolling elements subjected to load types, divided into ten types of rolling bearings;
(1) the radial ball bearing;
(2) the radial insert ball bearings;
(3) centripetal short cylindrical roller bearing;
(4) radial spherical roller bearings;
(5) the radial cylindrical roller bearings and radial needle roller bearing;
(6) the concentric spiral roller bearings;
(7) the radial thrust ball bearings;
(8) the centripetal thrust tapered roller bearings;
(9) the radial and thrust ball bearing thrust ball bearings;
(10) the thrust roller bearing and push
Types of bearings
Rolling bearings (rolling bearing) is a working shaft and axial sliding friction between rolling friction, thereby reducing the friction loss in a precision mechanical components. Roller bearing outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements and cage consisting. Bearing General by within circle, and outer ring, and scroll body and keep rack four part composed, within circle of role is and axis phase tie and and axis together rotating; outer ring role is and bearing block phase tie, up support role; scroll body is with Yu keep rack uniform of will scroll body distribution in within circle and outer ring Zhijian, its shape size and number directly effects with scroll bearing of using performance and life; keep rack can makes scroll body uniform distribution, prevent scroll body shedding, boot scroll body rotating up lubrication role; which also has no keep players of design, Full complement roller bearings, apply them widely
By structure of rolling bearing type   
1, as it can withstand the load of the bearing direction or nominal contact angle is divided into different
Rolling bearing radial bearing----mainly for rolling bearing radial load, its nominal contact angle from 0-45.   Different according to the nominal contact angle, is divided into: radial contact ball bearings----nominal contact angle is 0 for radial spherical plain bearings: radial angular contact bearings----nominal contact angle greater than 0 to 45 radial spherical plain bearings.
----Main thrust bearings of rolling bearing for axial loads, its nominal contact angle greater than 45 to 90.   Different according to the nominal contact angle is divided into: axial bearings----nominal thrust bearings contact angle is 90:----thrust angular contact bearings the nominal contact angle 5 but less than 90 per cent of the thrust bearing.
2, the kind of bearing by rolling, divided into:   
1)----ball bearing roller ball:   
2) roller bearings----roller to roller. Roller bearings are roller types are divided into:----roller of cylindrical roller bearings are cylindrical roller bearings, cylindrical roller with diameter less than or equal to the length of 3, are needle roller bearings needle roller bearings----rolling body, needle length to diameter ratio is greater than 3, but a diameter less than or equal to 5mm; ----Taper roller bearing rollers are tapered roller bearings;   One by one the rolling of spherical roller bearing is the spherical roller bearing.
3, bearing its work can be spherical, divided into:   
1) spherical bearing----roller conveyors are spherical-shaped, able to adapt to two road angle between axis deviation and roller bearing of angular motion.   
2) non-spherical bearings (rigid bearing)----impedance roller axis bearing of angular offset.   
Bearing by rolling the number of columns, divided into:
Rolling bearings
1) single row bearing----a column of rolling bearings.   
2)----double row bearings have two columns of rolling element bearings.   
3) multiple-column----of bearing rolling element bearings has more than two columns, such as a three-column, four-row bearings.   
4, bearing their part can be separated, divided into:   
1)----separable bearings bearings with separable parts;   
2)----inseparable bearing bearing in the final after matching, isolation bearing rings cannot be freely.   
According to their structural shape of the bearing (if there is no filling slots, with or without the shape of the inner and outer rings, and rings and sidewall structure, even without cage) structure can also be divided into several types.   Classification by size rolling bearings
Outside diameter of the bearing size   
(1) miniature bearings bearings----nominal diameter sizes ranging from 26mm.   
(2) small bearings bearings----nominal diameter sizes ranging from 28-55mm.   
(3) medium----a nominal outside diameter of the bearing sizes 60-115mm bearing.   
(4) large bearings bearings----nominal diameter sizes ranging from 120-190mm.   
(5) large bearings bearings----nominal diameter sizes ranging from 200-430mm.   
(6) large bearings bearings----nominal diameter sizes ranging from 440-2000mm.   
(7) major bearings bearings----nominal diameter size range for more than 2000mm.
Bearing type and application of the various class
Many types of bearings. It can withstand the load direction can be divided into:
① radial bearings, also known as radial bearings, subjected to radial loads.
② the thrust bearing, also known as thrust bearings, axial loading.
③ radial thrust bearing, also known as the radial-axial bearings and radial and axial loads. Can be divided into different sliding as bearing friction bearings (referred to as bearings) and rolling friction bearings (bearing for short) in two broad categories.
Angular contact ball bearing: ball ring nominal contact angle greater than 0 ° and of rolling bearings is less than 90 °. Can bear radial loads and axial loads simultaneously. Able to work under high speed. Larger contact angle, higher the axial load carrying capacity. High-precision and high-speed bearings are normally take 15 contact angle. Under the action of axial force, the contact angle increases. Single row angular contact ball bearings can accommodate axial loads in one direction, withstanding radial load, will raise an additional axial force. And only limited axial displacements of the shaft or housing in one direction. If dual installation, relative to the outer ring of the bearing, the wide end facing wide face, narrow end facing the narrow end. So that you can avoid additional axial force and shaft or housing in both directions within the restricted axial clearance range.
Spherical bearings: spherical and locking piece wide inner ring radial rolling bearings. Primarily used for simple shell.
Linear motion bearings: two-roller rolling direction on the relative linear motion rolling bearings.
Ball bearing: rolling a ball bearing.
Deep groove ball bearings each ring with a cross around the circumference of the ball one-third of continuous Groove Raceway of radial ball bearings, suitable for low motor noise, precision instruments, automobiles, motorcycles and machinery in General, is the most widely used type of bearings in machinery industry. Simple structure, easy maintenance. Mainly used to accommodate radial loads, also can absorb a certain amount of axial load, when increased radial clearance of bearings, and performance with angular contact ball bearings can withstand greater axial loads. The friction coefficient of bearings is small, high speed limit, size range and variety. Solid, durable, versatile and low-noise operation, and can operate at high speed and ease of installation. Single row deep groove ball bearings-sealed design, without lubrication and without maintenance. Single row ball bearings with filling slots and dual column, suitable for overload conditions.
Thrust ball bearing: rolling a ball thrust bearing.
Roller bearing: rolling elements of rolling bearing is a roller.
Cylindrical roller bearing: rolling elements is the centripetal cylindrical roller bearing, is a separable bearings, mounting and dismounting easy. Cylindrical roller bearings are divided into single, double row and four columns.
Depending on bearing rolling element used different numbers of columns, can be divided into single and double row cylindrical roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Applications which are more single row cylindrical roller bearings with cages. In addition, there are single or double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings and other structures.
Single row cylindrical roller bearings are rings raised edge is divided into n-type, NU, NJ, NUP and NF type. Cylindrical roller bearings are subjected to radial load capacity, basis of ring flange on the structure could withstand axial load must be one-way or two-way.
NN and NNU-double row cylindrical roller bearings with compact, strong rigidity, large carrying capacity, load deformation is small, mostly for machine tool spindle bearing.
FC, FCD and FCDP type four-row cylindrical roller bearings can withstand greater radial load, usually used in rolling mills and other heavy machinery.
Cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in electric motors, machine tools, oil, mill handling and various types of industrial machinery.
Tapered roller bearing: rolling is the radial tapered roller bearing.
Needle roller bearings: roller is the radial needle roller bearing.
Spherical roller bearing: rolling body is convex or concave spherical surface roller of spherical radial ball bearing. A convex spherical roller bearings, spherical-shaped Raceway in the outer ring; concave roller bearings, spherical-shaped Raceway.
Thrust roller bearings: roller is a roller thrust bearing.
Cylindrical roller thrust bearing: rolling body is cylindrical roller thrust bearing.
Thrust tapered roller bearing: rolling elements are tapered roller thrust bearing.
Thrust needle roller bearing: rolling elements are needle roller thrust bearing.
Thrust spherical roller bearing: rolling body is convex or concave spherical surface roller of spherical thrust roller bearings. A convex spherical roller bearing ring raceway of spherical shape, concave spherical roller bearing ring raceway of spherical shape.
Pillow block bearings: radial spherical plain bearings with a component that combines, in parallel with the axis of the bearing mounting screws on the bearing surface of the baseboard.
Bearings: spherical sliding contact surface, mainly applied to alignment movements, tilting motion and rotational motion of spherical plain bearings.
Bearing: bearing and bearing structure by both above combination of rolling bearings. Needle roller and thrust cylindrical roller combined bearings, needle roller and thrust ball combined bearings, needle roller and angular contact ball combined bearings.
Other bearings: in addition to the above structure other than the ball bearing.
Sliding bearing: bearing regardless of inner and outer rings or rolling, is generally made from wear-resistant materials. Commonly used for low speed, overloading and mechanical rotating parts lubricated and maintenance difficulties.
Mill bearing: mill bearing General only used to bear radial load, and same size of deep groove ball bearing compared to, has larger of radial load capacity, limit speed near deep groove ball bearing, but and this class bearing tie of axis, and shell body hole of processing requires high, allows within circle axis and outer ring axis tilt is small (2 °-4 °), two axis tilt as beyond limits, roll child and rings roll road of contact situation will deteriorated, serious effects bearing of load capacity, reduced bearing of using life. So the bearings need to be installed on host components subjected to axial load and only while using other types of bearings to accommodate axial loads, subject is available.

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