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Analysis of main factors affecting Shaker vibration of rolling bearings

Author:   Date:2014/5/16

Vibrating screens are found in stone production, metallurgy, refractory materials, coal and so on. Main screen box, shock absorber, suspension (or supporting) devices and motors and other components. Electric motors via v-belts, drive vibration spindle, as the vibrator does not balance weights on the centrifugal inertial force, sieves the box vibration, complete material screening. In this article, Zhengzhou Xinhai machinery analysis of factors influencing the shaker of vibration of rolling bearings.
1. eccentric vibration
Vibrating vibrator, mostly for the eccentric shaft vibration and box-type vibrator. Eccentric Shaft Exciter with easy installation and adjustment, but cost is high, and the eccentricity is not adjusted box vibrator used relative position fan with adjustable eccentric, can realize exciting force size adjustment, so as to achieve the purpose of adjustable amplitude.
Vibrator centrifugal force caused by the eccentric shaft eccentric quality when bent, resulting in relative deflection of the bearing inner and outer rings, due to the eccentricity will have to move frequency and harmonic vibrations as a result of, arising out of the operation of inertia and inertial couple raise moving counterforce of bearing and vibration, smooth working condition of destruction of components such as bearings, high frequency vibration. Study analysis shows that when the vibration frequency of bearing vibration and elastic vibration of a screen-box-order natural frequency is the same as strong vibrations from the screen-box elastomers.
Vibration system composed of bearing with eccentric system may be considered as single degree of freedom system. Bearing drive shaft and the driven shaft system there are a certain number of resonant frequencies, if a certain vibration frequency and resonance frequency close to, resonance occurs. In addition, due to the bias in the centrifugal inertial force, so bending vibration, if a speed close to the threshold, and bending resonance occurs.
2. Bearing geometrical precision
Vibrating screen vibrating force, resulting in a large radial bearings are subjected to force, resulting in a strong vibration. Bearings with higher accuracy, less the vibrations. Raceway in particular the rolling surface waveness on bearing vibration influence is greatest, inner and outer rings and rolling elements and cage scrolling surface will cause the vibration of the bearing clearance and its relative motion, this is due to the rolling spin more frequently working surface with both internal and external Raceway contact rolling rings, cage vibrations arising out of relations along the lines of 4:3:1. So reducing bearing vibration should first raise the rolling surface finishing.
3. the radial clearance of bearings
Radial clearance greater than small bearing system with large vibrations. High frequency vibration caused by the radial clearance is too small, too low-frequency vibration caused by. Shaker bearing through the test results showed that radial clearance is too large, reduce bearing radial natural frequencies of elastic systems and are prone to resonances, larger low-frequency vibrations. This is because the rolling impact point will have a greater acceleration and race. At early impact, produces a high-frequency mechanical quality and shape-independent compression waves, descendants and metal Interior; and later the impact, a shock wave generated by the mechanical force of low frequency mechanical vibrations. Radial internal clearance larger will increase the vibrations on the bearings in the passband.
4. consistent with the
Interface with bearing holes in the outer ring can affect the transmission of vibration, tighter tie forcing the Raceway and deformed, increasing shape errors, resulting in increased vibration. Loose fit allows oil film damper in the gap. Outer ring (housing) material properties of the bearing hole by several orders, particularly placed in rubber damping ring, can inhibit the transmission of vibrations.
5. the friction and lubrication
Bearing is the primary source of vibration of vibrating screens are difficult to control, since the screen is a great incentive to maintain, so the radial force on the bearing large, vibrating screen in the course of work, very exciting-vibration force caused by elastic vibration of bearing system. If poor lubrication, it would produce a larger friction bearing temperature rise too high, thermal expansion is too large, significantly reduce the radial internal clearance, which in turn exacerbates the friction, temperature rise further.
Xinhai is five points above Zhengzhou mechanical summary of user feedback based on accumulated experience and vibrating screen, Xinhai machinery proposed shaker device users should pay attention to equipment maintenance to ensure the stable operation of the device, avoid losses to the organization. Zhengzhou Xinhai machinery including: PE, PF of inversed impact crusher Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, efficient crusher, cement mill, ball mill, Rotary dryer, Rotary lime kiln, vibrating screens, conveyors and other equipment. Welcome new and old customers to visit Kap production base.

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