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Metal repair material application in bearing

Author:   Date:2014/5/8

 Since reform and opening up, China bearing industry has made remarkable achievements. Since 2000, ordered according to annual production of bearings, after Japan and the United States, and Germany after bearing production in the world's fourth largest country. Bearing the annual output has reached more than 2 billion, annual production value of about 24 billion yuan. Exports accounted for more than 50%, annual earnings of about $ 700 million. In recent years, product dimensional precision, running accuracy of the bearing, vibration noise, long life and reliability has made a significant progress. But compared to the domestic largest producer of bearings and bearing foreign products, variety and quality, also there is a large gap. To further increase the variety and improve quality, must be bearings in the design, manufacture, materials, testing, and integrated lubrication technology on work, you need to have a development process. Metal wear self-repair material application in domestic bearing increases the reliability of bearings, reducing the coefficient of friction between the raceways and rolling elements, significantly extend the service life of the bearing, General bearing the "infinite life" another significant step forward for the new concept, has significant economic benefits.
 First, our bearing products quality survey:
  From 1997 to 1999, according to the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision to develop "national supervision and spot check products catalog" to products bearing quality, three-year average rate of 68%. 2000 checks the quality of products 6% higher than in 1999, prove quality supervision management achieved remarkable results. Compared with the bearing industry in developed countries, domestic bearings in variety and quality gaps mainly in:
  1, domestic bearing few varieties, output low. Assortment bearing industry developed country production reached 150,000, only more than more than 20,000 assortment are produced in our country, and most of the generic product. Domestic bearing companies over more than 2000, annual production value of the sum of the world's five largest bearing company (SKF, and NSK, and KOYO, and NTN and the NMB), therefore bearing enterprises in China were small, output low, China's exports of bearings every set price only $ 0.4.
  2 domestic bearing tolerances for dimensional accuracy of the dispersion. Dimensional tolerances and running accuracy of bearing in China made a lot of progress, close to the level of foreign brand-name products, but in terms of size deviation of the dispersion there is a larger gap.
  3, in terms of vibration, noise and abnormal sound, vibration extremes of China bearing foreign brand-name products higher level more than 10dB. 6202 bearing, for instance, foreign brand-name products for about 26dB, sampling 18 domestic bearing industry products, its mean is 37.5dB.
  4, domestic bearings for long life and reliability value is still low. Deep groove ball bearings, for example, foreign brand-name products can live to 8 times larger than the calculated life expectancy (up to 30 times more), reliability is over 0.98; domestic 3~5 times the bearing life for the purpose of calculating life expectancy, reliability of about 0.96.

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