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Martensitic stainless steel containing nitrogen on corrosion resistance

Author:   Date:2014/5/8

As petroleum, chemical industry, energy, aerospace, marine and bio-engineering industries in areas such as technology development and performance of stainless bearing steels require higher and higher. Especially industrial atmosphere, industrial wastewater and seawater on the environment-related equipment, such as the growing phenomenon of corrosion, corrosion of the material put forward higher requirements. At present, the materials used in the manufacture of stainless bearing steels in China mainly for stainless steel 9Cr18, there are also a small number of products using 9Cr18Mo. 9Cr18 is a stainless bearing steels high carbon chromium Martensitic stainless steel, which would create a certain amount of fat in the solidification process of eutectic carbides, the size at more than 70 μg/m, also will not go away during subsequent heat treatment or thinning. These coarse and uneven distribution of carbide particles, mainly on the grain boundary, will seriously affect the quality and accuracy of the bearing surface of the, and corrosion resistance of the material also has a worse impact.
  Study of Martensitic stainless steel containing nitrogen on corrosion behavior of salt fog corrosion environment, and contrasts them with stainless steel 9Cr18. Results showed that Martensitic stainless steel containing nitrogen 9Cr18 stainless steel has better corrosion resistance. Compared with the 9Cr18 stainless steel, Martensitic stainless steel containing nitrogen in the salt fog corrosion pitting corrosion morphology of corrosive environment. Corrosion corrosion area as extensions of the time did not grow significantly, when corrosion in time to reach 120h, the corrosion area ratio of only 0.44%. Martensitic stainless steel containing nitrogen bearing corrosion depth and average corrosion rate of steel is 0.026g • m-2 • h-1 and 2.3 μg/m, 9Cr18 stainless steel lowered compared to 60.6% and 66.2%. Martensitic stainless steel containing nitrogen in the sizes small, uniform distribution of the carbon to improve its corrosion resistance plays an important role.

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