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Spherical roller bearings ntn failure analysis

Author:   Date:2014/2/11

      1, from the point of view of the frequency

      As can be seen for different reasons in different frequency corresponding to the frequency of failure because only a small mounting structure caused when the spherical roller bearing element ntn manufacturing defects or serious damage will significantly increase the frequency of severe vibration .

      2 , the pulse energy from the impact analysis

      When spherical roller bearings ntn minor damage component has a pulse pulse value is very small with the development of fault vibration intensity increases significantly increased.

      3 , monitoring methods

      For spectrum to determine whether the device can be used relatively normal criteria , lubrication intervals of time have a simple premise : The spherical roller bearings keep the device running without reasonable and crashes due to dry conditions and stop running . This is a fixed concept of prevention . However, we must maintain a balance and a lot of excessive thirst lubrication lubrication between .

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