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The quality of verification bearing five points

Author:   Date:2014/2/11

      Most people at the time of purchase bearing , it is difficult to distinguish the quality of the bearings is superior or inferior , this will lead to bearing performance in the maneuver . Called a sub-price goods, some things not so , because now many counterfeit products , they sell fake goods in accordance with the true , which makes buyers feel very headache, how do you know the bearing quality is good or bad?

      1 , the packaging is clear

      Under normal circumstances, the regular manufacturers brand has its own dedicated design staff outside packaging design, production conditions and arrangements for clearance of the factory production of production, therefore , whether the product packaging should be very clear from the line to color , milli unambiguous .

      2 , stenciled words are clear

      Every product bearing the bearing products are printed on the body of the words of its brand , label and so on. Although the font is very small, but regular manufacturers of products using the technology stenciled lettering, but before the heat-treatment is carried out without the word pressure , so the font was small, but a deep concave , very clear. And usually, not only the fuzzy font counterfeit products , the printing technology roughness font floating on the surface , and some can be easily wiped off by hand or manually trace serious.

      3 , whether hetero ring.

      Hold the left sleeve bearing the body , right hand to rotate toggle coat , listen to the bearings during operation whether hetero ring. Most counterfeit products due to production conditions behind entirely manual mill operation, bearing the body in the production process will inevitably be distracted by dust , sand, a class of impurities , so it will be rotating bearing ring or hybrid phenomenon is not running smoothly . This is to determine whether the product by strict production standards , and the key with the regular operation of the machine manufacturer's brand products.

      4 , if there is muddy surface traces of oil

      Are there traces of oil muddy surface which requires that we should pay special attention to when buying imported bearings. Because it is easy to leave the country at present there is some rust technology gap with foreign advanced manufacturing country , so the bearing body rust traces of oil processing thick , sticky feeling when you touch the sticky thick , and foreign on imported bearings hardly see any traces of rust oil . According to insiders , particularly careful person can smell the bearings to a special flavor , which is anti-rust oil taste.

      5 , chamfer is uniform

      The so-called bearing chamfer , which is the junction of horizontal surface and vertical surface , bearing counterfeit products due to restrictions on production technology , in which the corners of the site was unsatisfactory treatment , which we can easily identify .

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