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Buy nsk bearing what essentials should know ?

Author:   Date:2014/2/11

      Many people are not very understanding of knowledge bearing , do not know how at the time of purchase for questioning . Here I come to teach you in the purchase of bearings need to know what the basis of the problem and to improve the efficiency of your inquiry bearing .

      1 , whether with dust cover or seal ?

      Such as iron dust cover , plastic seals, stamped steel dust cover , Dingqing rubber ring.

      2 , if there is accuracy ?

      Ordinary accuracy class (P0 grade ) , general precision grade (P6 class ) , medium accuracy class (P5 level ) , high-precision grade (P4 level , level P2) and so on.

      In general, the accuracy of each raise a grade, the price will be doubled to a multiple of the range, such as the general price level P4 to P5 level 2-3 times. And also because of domestic agents and high precision, expensive and reduce inventory , thereby increasing the user's purchase of difficulty, delays in production . Therefore, the user must check before buying the product performance requirements , not the blind pursuit of high precision level .

      3 , what material the cage ?

      Such as copper , steel, glass fiber.

      4 , the upcoming quoted nsk bearing model is complete ?

      nsk bearing models include bearing code , prefix and suffix , different letters represent a completely different design and price .

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