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Koyo bearing seals of two types

Author:   Date:2014/2/11

      1, the non-contact seals (Ⅰ type )

      This ring only at the outer diameter extruded by the peristaltic pump KOYO bearing outer ring is fixed , inside and peristaltic pump KOYO bearing inner ring gap . Its cross-sectional shape of the intermediate plate unmeshed skeleton ( skeletal shape of the contact type seal , the same position and this figure ) . During the installation ring , the outer diameter is compressed . Compression ring at different deformation and the stress change of the outer diameter of the contact . The outer diameter of the compression ring of the fastening ring will cause warping , buckling will increase as the compression increases . In the small amount of compression , the maximum warpage value , the maximum equivalent stress and the maximum stress at a fixed linear relationship between compressed into a large body . With the increase of the amount of compression , stress and other fixed at increasing the growth rate , non-linear characteristics. Ring in the mounting process, the need to consider the following factors: fixed to solid ; installed to facilitate . Which are required : a fixed amount of compression should be large at some, but can not stress too much. Reduced outer diameter seal groove played a role in slowing pressure .

      2 , contact seals (Ⅱ type )

      For contact seals mainly analyze the effects of changes in the amount of compression of the sealing ring , so the analysis used in outer diameter and a peristaltic pump skf bearing outer compression KOYO fixed amount , the inner diameter of the bearing outer ring with a peristaltic pump KOYO press contact forming the sealing surface . Requires sealing surface contact seal using a stress greater than the ambient pressure outside , to a sealing effect ; the other hand, at the sealing surface wear is also required to be small in order to prevent premature seal failure.

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