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Pump fag bearing failure related knowledge

Author:   Date:2014/2/11

      Fag bearing on the pump hair Province failure is a common thing , following the author to explain the following features on the main hydraulic pump fag bearing fault extraction and solution methods and precautions .

      A hydraulic pump fag bearing fault feature extraction

      When fag bearing inner flow surface - the outer ring raceways and rollers appear one injury, smooth surface raceway damage whenever roller rolled damage points, will produce a vibration. Assuming fag bearing parts are rigid , does not consider the impact of contact deformation , the roller along the raceway for pure roll.

      2, the hydraulic pump bearing failure fag Solutions

      The main part of the pump bearings fag , fag bearing appears if clearance is not guaranteed pump inside three pairs of friction normal gap , but also undermine the friction pair hydrostatic bearing oil film thickness , reduced piston bearing life . According to information provided by the pump manufacturer , the average life of the bearing is 10000h, more than this value will need to be replaced with new parts .

      Dismantled bearings, no professional testing equipment is unable to detect bearing clearance , only use visual feel and , if found roller surface scratches or discoloration , it must be replaced.

      When replacing bearings fag , fag bearings should be noted that the original letters and models , most with large piston bearing load bearing capacity , it is best to buy the original manufacturers of the original specifications, if the replacement of another brand , you should ask for bearings experienced personnel lookup on the exchange, the purpose is to keep the accuracy level and load bearing capacity FaG

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