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Bearing buy what factors need to be considered ?

Author:   Date:2014/2/11

      1, the structure

      Bearing in accordance with the direction of load bearing can be divided into radial bearings and thrust bearings. Radial bearings are mainly used for pure radial loads such as deep groove ball bearings , cylindrical roller bearings , needle roller bearings. Thrust bearings are mainly used to bear pure axial load , such as thrust ball ( roller ) bearings. The need for both radial and axial joint load bearing load should be considered in the direction ( or angle ) , select the size with a contact angle of the bearing , its load-bearing capacity with the contact angle change, the more the contact angle large , the greater the axial load carrying capacity, while the radial load capacity decrease , generally when the bearing load angle is less than 45 °, choose angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings, etc. , when the load angle greater than 45 ", select the thrust angle contact bearings, these bearings axial load capacity is generally greater than the capacity of radial load bearing contact angle in the selection , the contact angle should be larger than the theoretical load angle . deep groove ball bearings due to the presence of clearance , but also can withstand a certain amount of axial load ; inner and outer rings with a wall of the cylindrical roller bearings, also have been specially designed to withstand a certain degree of axial load capacity.

      The actual bearing selection , satisfy both radial and axial load bearing capacity or speed requirements can also select various combinations of bearing structures .

      2 , speed

      High speed, choose a lighter load deep groove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings , high speed and heavy load optional cylindrical roller bearings or tapered roller bearings ( axial load time ) roll. Thrust bearings due to structural limitations generally lower speed . Speed ​​limit given sample bearing load is not applied , the normal lubrication and cooling conditions bearing tolerance 0 , the reference value may be chosen bearing speed , bearing the general operating speed should be less than this value , depending on the application experience, the maximum operating speed can take 0.8 times the speed limit.

      3 , the size

      Radial higher speed smaller size diameter light series where you can choose the width of the narrow range of bearings. Load low speed where you can choose a larger needle bearings , you can also choose single rings or no rings bearings. Bearing in ensuring the premise application characteristics , reducing the size or shape of the bearing support member and become a unit combination is one of the current trends in the development of the bearing .

      Size selection, another issue to consider is the fatigue life of the bearing. Generally , the larger the dimensions of the bearing , but also the corresponding longer fatigue life . However sided long-life , increase the volume of the machine will increase the manufacturing cost. And low life , then to use the trouble.

      4 , the load

      In the case of identical dimensions , roller bearing load capacity greater than ball bearings. Which if pure diameter ( shaft ) to the load should be chosen to the heart ( thrust ) class bearings, combined loads , when the radial load is greater than the axial load , select the contact angle of less than 45 ° of angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearing , when the axial load is greater than the radial load , selectable angular contact thrust bearings. When the impact load, optional cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings or spherical roller bearings.
    In low speed large case load , you can choose full complement cylindrical roller bearings. Heavy loads can also choose a double row or four-row bearings.

      5 , bearing type

      Since the length of the shaft with the elongate or shorten the temperature changes in the design will generally be fixed and the other end of the shaft end can be free to move in the axial direction . Fixed end bearings are usually subject to a combined load should be selected axial force can withstand a certain bearing . The axial swimming only radial load bearing support , therefore , should be used radial bearings to avoid additional axial force bearing itself, affect the axial swimming , these bearings are mainly cylindrical and needle roller bearings bearings. If both directions are needed axial swimming , optional inner or outer wall of the bearing . If larger axial swimming , according to the nature of the load may be inner or outer ring clearance fit . To limit an axial direction of the inner or outer ring swimming selectable single-wall bearings.

      6 , precision

      For the host requires high rotational accuracy , high speed, easy maintenance , and high reliability of the occasion, you need to select more than one higher than 0 tolerance bearings . And should improve the accuracy of the shaft and the housing and rigidity match.

      7 , clearance

      Bearing clearance have the original clearance, installation clearance and clearance work . Original maximum clearance under normal circumstances, a minimum clearance work . Clearance has great influence on the bearing used. Therefore, a reasonable choice of clearance, the rotating bearing accuracy , temperature , vibration and lifetime performance at its best.

      When selecting the bearing clearance for light loads, high speed , high accuracy, low bearing operating temperature of the occasion to select a smaller group of clearance for heavy loads, shock loads , high operating temperature of the occasion can choose a larger clearance groups .

      8 , stiffness

      Bearing small elastic deformation , in most applications do not need to consider the rigidity problem. Only in situations that require high precision rotation such as spindle bearings, sheet mill and other bearings have stiffness requirements. In the same size, the roller bearing stiffness than ball bearings. Under certain circumstances the bearing structure , by applying the preload can also increase the stiffness , but the preload to be applied by setting i + calculated excessive preload and temperature affect the fatigue life of the bearing . Bearing preload can be applied has tapered roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings, thrust bearings.

      9 , installation and removal

      In order to detect and repair needs, require frequent installing or removing bearings in some occasions , then you can choose inner and outer rings of the bearing can be separated for easy installation and removal. Separable bearings are cylindrical roller bearings , tapered roller bearings , needle roller bearings, thrust bearings. For mounting and dismounting bearings inconvenient occasions when selecting bearings should consider using a higher carrying capacity and high precision bearings.

      10 , aligning performance

      When installing the bearing due to manufacturing errors or positioning error and other factors, the bearing inner and outer rings deflect due to excessive local stress affect the use . Therefore, when selecting bearings for supporting the span, multi- pivot axle , bearing accuracy is relatively low, large deformation occasions selectable axis aligning bearings , spherical bearings.

      11 , temperature

      Bearing the heat comes from two parts, one is the heat generated by friction heat bearing itself , the other part is bearing the working environment overflow degrees of heat conduction or radiation Vo when the bearing temperature exceeds a certain limit , the organization and the size of the bearing material will occur changes caused by parts and materials hardness decreased , dimensional accuracy changes, with decreases, decreases clearance and other issues . Therefore, if the bearing needs to work long hours under high temperature , the choice of bearings , bearing materials should be used after tempering process. You can also heat-resistant steel materials bearing parts.

      12 , economy

      An important factor in the choice of the bearing , the price is to be considered. Bearing structure is mainly reflected in the price , variety and quality of site materials , production volume , manufacturing precision and so on. The same size ball bearings roller bearings inexpensive, the higher the more complex multi-bearing structural parts prices. Different varieties and quality of materials , the price is different , the higher the price the higher the accuracy , the precision of a high level of manufacturing prices increased by about 40%. Therefore, the choice of bearings to meet the requirements to avoid wastage.

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