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Koyo bearing four kinds of grease injection method

Author:   Date:2014/2/10

First: Grease Cup

Open hole leading to grease cup beside KOYO bearings, grease cups by constantly replenished within the bearing . Should be set for high speed bearings fat overflow valve , through the action of centrifugal force during rotation of the bearing in the bearing grease thrown too , in order to reduce friction and bring the high-speed rotation of the bearing temperature rises.

Second: smear method

When applied to use special tools, not with bare hands . Greasing required amount to meet the above requirements , all covered with grease to lubricate the bearing surfaces need . After the grease used for a certain period , the need for butter or grease filling .

Third: fat marksmanship

Grease into the bearing through the grease gun greasing hole through the pressure , this method usually used to make butter .

Fourth: centralized greasing method

Grease pump through the pipeline will be unified to the various parts of KOYO bearings , newly added fat can squeeze the flow line to the old and fat , which will complement the new grease into the lubrication point .

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