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Skf bearing inner ring of six fixed form

Author:   Date:2014/2/10

      When using SKF bearings, SKF bearings must be fixed inner ring , which is fixed in our daily common methods are : locking nut , end thrust washer fixed , tight sets fixed , fixed withdrawal sleeves , shoulder fixed and circlip fixed six forms .

      1 , the locking nut

      SKF bearing inner ring and lock nut from the shaft shoulder realize axially fixed . There are washers and lock , safe and reliable, suitable for high-speed , heavy-duty applications.

      2 , the end face of the thrust washer

      Bearing inner ring and the shaft retaining ring from the shaft shoulder realize axially fixed . The shaft retaining ring secured to the shaft with a screw . Fixing screws should be secured against rotation. Should not be applied to the shaft thread cutting or space restricted applications.

      3 tight sets fixed

      Rely on tight housing bore size is compressed radially clamped to the shaft , the bearing inner ring to achieve axial fixing .

      4 , withdrawal sleeve fixed

      Withdrawal sleeve clamping tight sets the same way . However, due to special withdrawal sleeve nut , bearing loading and unloading easy , suitable for large radial load , axial load smaller double row spherical bearing on the optical axis is fixed .

      5, the shaft shoulder fixed

      Bearing inner shaft shoulder and had to rely on surplus realized axially fixed . Applicable to both ends of the fixed support structure . Simple structure, small outside dimensions .

      6 , circlip fixed

      Bearing inner ring and lock nut from the shaft shoulder realize axially fixed . Can not afford a two-way axial load. Axial structure of small size.

      Reminder : In accordance with the first four above manner can be fixed SKF Bearings extend bearing life.

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