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Three kinds of main bearing cap positioning FAG

Author:   Date:2014/2/10

      FAG main bearing cap positioned on the hair the way we commonly have three : FAG main bearing side positioning, positioning and serrated cylindrical surface positioning. For detailed three kinds of FAG main bearing cap positioning mode are detailed below :

      1, FAG main bearing side positioning. Use both sides of the main bearing FAG FAG main bearing caps with close coordination between maintaining both a good move relative to the mounting location . Generally use between transition fit ( FAG is small for the size of the main bearing caps ) or clearance fit ( for FAG main bearing cap size large ) .

      In order to improve the overall rigidity body structure , when using the side positioning , which can set the horizontal pull bolt structure, namely the lateral direction of the body , from the side of the main bearing FAG position with horizontal pull bolt together with the body .

      FAG main bearing cap side positioning features are: simple structure , reliable positioning , but disassembly difficult.

      2, the cylindrical positioning. FAG and the main bearing cap joint surface , with the cylindrical surface of the part , so that simultaneously with the main bearing housing , the cover tightly with the positioning holes , to prevent dislocation between the mounting position is shifted . The cylindrical parts can be made ​​of a single r alone positioning sleeve , can also be processed directly in the main bearing bolts FAG cylindrical surface of a section of the positioning . The positioning features are: locating reliable , easy accessibility, but the small bear the load capacity, especially when using the positioning bolt main bearing bolts to make the situation worse by force ( to withstand shear forces ) , and the process requires high positioning TL .

      3 , serrated surface positioning. The combination of surface processing and FAG main bearing cap zigzag positioning surface , the two are closely combined with jagged surfaces snap together to keep both installed wrong position shift does not occur. The structure is characterized by positioning ; locate reliable, easy assembly and disassembly , but the structure is more complex, high precision tooth surface , processing difficulties.

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