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Fag bearing shaft support to enhance the rigidity of technical points

Author:   Date:2014/2/10

     In order to improve the effect of FAG bearings , FAG many manufacturers will thus enhance the rigidity of the shaft support bearing technology , which is mainly carried out through the following four points to improve :

      ( 1 ) , the mating surface of the bearing requirements : the shaft and the bearing housing bore installed on site , the lower the surface roughness , the better the accuracy of shape and position , the higher the rigidity of the support obtained . Above the surface subjected to surface hardening treatment, enabling improved rigidity. The use of low roughness high hardness stopper, to some interference in the lubrication state repeatedly gently pressed into the seat and exit holes , but also help to improve the rigidity of the support , if necessary, is available on the journal clasp similar treatment .

      ( 2 ) , supported by the bearing preload method to improve the rigidity of the ball bearings or tapered roller bearings can take axial preload method , while the short cylindrical roller bearings can take radial preload method can significantly improve the shaft supported rigidity, this time bearing clearance or elimination of , or has been little negative clearance . But in speed is not too high, modest temperature conditions , the best should be transferred to the small negative clearance status . When preload , should continue to measure the deformation , pay attention to the low phase distortion , deformation increases with pretension load is nonlinear ; while at high values ​​of phase distortion with increasing load is linear. Once the load deformation a linear relationship appeared , they immediately stop increasing pretension load , constant stiffness available at this time . Thereafter , there is a bearing between the axial and radial rigidity of the rigid fixed relationship does not depend on the applied load. Deformation of the measurement described above , the indicator can be used e.g. against the head end or the appropriate parts of the bearing shaft, the reading observed with pretension load variation method . Preload method has its negative aspects , such as the bearing friction torque increases, the temperature increased, shortened life expectancy and so on, so to fully consider and weigh the pros and cons , choose the right amount of preload .

      ( 3 ) , the impact of the configuration of the configuration bearing bearing bearing stiffness is also great , in general, for the centripetal thrust ball bearings and roller bearings used in pairs should be taken when large outer end faces ( that is, its pressure capacity line pressure cone formed outwardly ) configuration , configured such that the bearing anti- subversive moment is large, the amount of preload is obtained by adjusting little change when the temperature changes .

      ( 4 ) , using the multi- way bearing allowing the axial position of the conditions used for each of two or more than two pivot bearings as a radial bearing , the supporting rigidity can be improved . Recently, for example, in parts of the spindle , it is widely used in the axial preload installed several sets of radial thrust bearing as the same pivot shaft support .

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