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Skf bearing temperature extremes ask introduce knowledge

Author:   Date:2014/2/10

      SKF announced new offer extreme temperatures , graphite cage, lubricated bearing 350 ° C without the need for lubrication . This provides the metal industry is a powerful solution , operators can reduce maintenance costs , improve reliability, instead of the traditional extreme temperature grease lubricated bearings in SKF bearings to improve product quality. Extreme high temperature bearings including SKF beyondzero combinations.

      Bearing temperature extremes address SKF bearings need to be in the hot , dry environment, slowly rotating machinery. Grease lubricated bearings often fail because of the ability to lose even special grease lubricated sufficiently above this temperature at temperatures above 250 ° C. In contrast , SKF bearings require no lubrication and extreme temperatures can be as high as 350 ° C operating temperature , reducing costs and maintenance requirements to re- lubricated bearing life provides a significant increase in Charlotte said Enron , product manager for SKF Dry Lubrication bearings. Experience in the field shows that the life of bearings in high temperature applications can be a sharp increase in extreme temperature lubrication , graphite bearings. For example, in a cooling bed sheet metal fabrication , bearing life increased threefold.

      Bearing this in an application so you can save up to 4 kg ofco2and 1,5 kg oil per year. acooling bed , with 5000 bearings can save 7.5 tons of oil and 23 tons co2per years to reduce the climate impact of 82% while using grease lubricated deep groove ball bearings , with these calculations. Based on the bearings and grease savings . SKF beyondzero product portfolio includes providing enhanced environmental performance of products. Are included to provide significant environmental benefits at SKF beyondzero portfolio , SKF company's products, services and solutions .

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