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More rolling bearings used in the application now

Author:   Date:2013/12/16

  More rolling bearings used in the application now because of rolling bearing applications play a very important role, so we must be able to understand some characteristics of rolling bearings.
  When the vibration and noise of rolling bearing rotation precision, or just does not meet the requirements of machine on Yu, or in conditions that meet the above requirements, no economy, using fluid dynamic pressure bearing, as in load conditions should be using fluid dynamic pressure bearing, while in high speed or low friction torque should be adopted under the right to request gas hydrodynamic bearing.
  When these indicators do not meet performance, or full amount starting, propagation of starting, requires a longer life, greater load carrying capacity and broader speed range, especially hydrodynamic oil film fails to maintain a very low speed, use of hydrostatic bearing. But this often requires users to design and manufacture, but also equipped with a set of sleeves of rolling bearings pump oil supply system, resulting in increased cost and energy consumption.
  When higher speed can also use hydrostatic journal bearings, the use of dynamic pressure effect of rolling bearings and reducing energy consumption, which is more than violet hydrostatic bearing structure have combined, needed to power the smaller, more economical.
  Rolling bearing lubricants are not allowed and requires minimal mount relay of high precision through not tick, the bearing temperature rise is quite small.

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