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Author:   Date:2013/11/1

Causes of fever of rolling bearing and its elimination method
(1) reasons: bearing accuracy
Methods: select provides precision bearings
(2) reasons: bent or box of the main shaft hole concentric
Methods: fixed spindles or box
(3) reasons: belt too tight
Methods: adjust the belt tension properly
(4) reasons: poor lubrication
Methods: use code designation lubricating material and properly cleaned
(5) reasons: low Assembly quality
Approach: improving the quality of Assembly
(6) the cause: bearing shells lap
Methods: the replacement of wear of bearings and related parts
(7) the axial force is too big
Method: cleaning, adjustment between seal ring gap 0.2~0.3mm, correct balancing of the impeller diameter and calibration of static equilibrium
(8) the bearing damage
Methods: the replacement of bearings

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