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Cooling the heat treatment process control

Author:   Date:2013/10/24
1 To ensure that the cooling effect of the heat treatment , normalizing the workpiece in the cooling should be hanging from the oven and cooled dispersed workpiece pads underneath to elevate four weeks to retain a certain space ventilation. After cooling, tempering furnace installed when the workpiece temperature should be controlled at 300 ℃.
2 quenching , you should first start the cooling medium ( water or oil ) of the circulatory system. Workpiece after immersion medium swing back and forth in order to increase the cooling effect and found that the media should be timely enough to replenish fluid volume .
3 workpiece immersed in oil medium to the attention of fire safety .
4 small pieces of hardened , if the impact of the cooling tank is too far away from the furnace cooling effect should be temporary with a small water ( oil ) tank , in order to ensure timely after the release of the workpiece into the cooling medium deserves cooling effect.
5 For high alloy steels ( eg 3Cr2w8v), temperature quenching easy to crack , then came out to be a little longer into the quenching medium pre-cooling in order to prevent thermal stress generated quenching cracks .
6 axis for sheet metal parts and pieces , to reduce quenching deformation should be lateral and vertical immersion quenching medium , or put together on the big flat immersion medium , in order to reduce distortion.
7 For double quenching of the workpiece, if a groove or cavity , from out of the water , it should be poured into the tank clean water and then cooled . Average temperature of the oil sump to 150 ~ 200 ℃ ( workpiece slightly to take smoke ) is appropriate.
8 after quenching and tempering of the workpiece must be timely , generally not more than two hours melted .

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