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Heat treatment process parameters

Author:   Date:2013/10/21

1. the ordinary: 790-810 heating furnace cooling to 650 degrees, air cooled--HB170-207
2. isothermal annealing: 790-810 heating, isothermal 710-720 degrees, air cooled--HB207-229
3. fire: 900-920 heating, air cooled--HB270-390
4. high-temperature tempering: 650-700 heating, air cooled--HB229-285
5. hardening: 860-heating oil quenching--HRC62-66
6. the low-temperature tempering: 150-170-tempered, air cooled--HRC61-66
7.-aluminizing of carbon and nitrogen: infiltration of 1.5-3 hours 820-830, oil-quenching, cryogenic treatment +-60-to-70 degrees and 150 degrees +160 tempered, air cooled--HRC ≈ 67
Uses for the production of bearing rings and rolling elements, e.g. making internal combustion engines and motor vehicles, automobiles, tractors, machines, mills, drills, mining machinery, General machinery, as well as high speed rotary mechanical transmission of a high load bearing steel balls, rollers and rings. Besides ball, bearing the organisation, is also sometimes used for the manufacture of tools, dies, gauges.

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