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Rolling mill roll gap shape factor

Author:   Date:2013/10/21

Strip horizontal thicknesses (cross section) and shape change is caused by the shape of the roll gap changes. Factors affecting roll gap shapes are:
1) roll of elastic deformation. It makes the roll gap size is larger than the size in the Middle, strip edge convexity, edge Strip thinning. Rolling force greater roll elastic deformation greater for roll diameter greater rigidity, the better, then roll elastic deformation of the smaller.
2) rolls of thermal expansion. Rolled metal deformation to produce heat, rolling and rolling friction-generated heat will make the rolls of heat. Cold rolling lubricant and the roll cooling. Because their heating and cooling on the barrel length is inconsistent, under the influence of a variety of factors, thermal expansion in the Central ends of rolls, allowing roll thermal Crown, affecting roll gap shapes.
3) rolls of wear and tear. Between working roll and strip, friction between work roll and backup roll on roll wear. Factors affecting roll wear also is various, such as rolls and strips of material, roll surface hardness and smoothness, the rolling pressure and rolling speed, the former after sliding and sliding and sliding speed of backup roll in between the work rolls and so on will affect the speed of roll wear. In addition, roll wear along the barrel length is not homogeneous, and that will affect the shape of the roll gap.
4) roll of elastic press flat. When rolling, because the role of rolling pressure, between the Strip and roll, between work roll and backup roll of elastic press flat. Affecting roll gap not roll in the shape of a flexible crushed value, but crushed along the barrel length of different sizes. Due to the contact between work roll and backup roll length is greater than the Strip length dealings with the work rolls, thus contact points of pressure is not the same length, which makes flexible crushed value between the roller and roll along the barrel length is also not uniform. Between work roll and backup roll caused by inhomogeneous flattening roll gap changes in shape.
5) rolls of the original rolls (convex, concave-shaped or cylindrical). Different roll original roll, can be artificially made the gap are different shapes. We roll in the production of the original roll of this factor to compensate for the effect of the above factors on the gap.

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