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Factors affecting the shape of the roll gap

Author:   Date:2013/10/21
Since the strip and plate -shaped transverse thickness difference is mainly determined by the actual roll gap during rolling shape , it must study the impact of the factors that shape the actual roll gap and roll according to the original shape for a reasonable design.
Factors affecting the shape of the roll gap are mainly elastic deformation of the roll , uneven thermal expansion of the roll and roll wear.
1 uneven thermal expansion of the roll during rolling roll conditions of heating and cooling along the barrel distribution is uneven . In most cases, the barrel temperature is higher than the central side portion ( but sometimes the opposite case ) , and generally the drive side of the roll temperature is slightly below the operating temperature of the lower rollers . Roll surface in the radial direction of the roll core temperature is not the same, in a stable rolling stage , the roll surface temperature is higher , but stopped rolling roll surface due to rapid cooling , the opposite situation can also occur .
2 roll wear between work rolls and the rolling and the support roller and the friction between the work rolls will cause uneven roll wear , affecting the shape of the roll gap . However, due to the factors that affect the roll wear too much , it is hard to roll from the theoretically calculated amount of wear to rely on a large number of measured to obtain a variety of mill wear rules , in order to take the appropriate way to compensate for roll wear .
3 rolls which includes an elastic deformation of the elastic roll and the elastic bending squashed. Elastic flattening rolls along the roll barrel length distribution is uneven , which is mainly due to the uneven distribution of unit pressure . Furthermore , near the edge portion flattening rolling should be smaller, the rolling edge thinning occurs , as the roll diameter decreases, the edge thinning is also reduced , in general, although this region is not large, but also affect the finished product rate . In between the work roll and backup roll is also uneven elastic flattening , it directly affects the work roll bending deflection . Elastic bending deflection roll is generally the shape of the roll gap affecting the most important factor .
For a long time , depending on the deflection of the roll , that when the support roll diameter ratio of the diameter of the work roll is large, the bending force mainly undertake the support rollers , deflection of the work rolls can be considered approximate equal deflection of the support roller . Therefore considers the design of roll roll roll can be used to support the body to replace the working poor deflection roll barrel deflection poor. But the fact is not correct to do so . Theory and experiment show that the actual rolling work roll deflection larger than the support rollers . This is mainly because the work roll and the backup roller flattening between the elastic deformation , resulting in the outside of the plate width of that part of the work roll is supported in cantilever bending rolls , thus substantially increasing the deflection of the work roll itself . Rolling width smaller, the greater the deflection of the work rolls . Therefore, when the roll design , without considering the elastic deformation characteristics of the work roll , and roll the body alone to support the calculation of deflection difference to deal with the problem , the result would be inconsistent with the actual . I.e. four roller mill work roll bending deflection depends not only deflection of the supporting rollers , but also on the back-up roll and the work roll flattening between the unevenness caused by the elastic deflection .

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