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Bearing clearance and preload adjustments

Author:   Date:2013/9/24
      Bearing assembly is fitter assembly and repair work, the basic operation, and clearance and preload adjustment is an important part of rolling bearing assembly work. Accurately grasp the clearance and preload adjustment process concept, and assembly work correctly using this process method, is the bearing assembly work quality assurance.
     Bearing clearance is constant in the case of a ring, the other ring in the radial or axial direction by the maximum activity, the clearance and into the radial clearance and axial clearance two kinds. Bearing assembly, the clearance is not too big, not too small. Clearance is too large, it will cause the body to withstand the load of the rolling reduction in the number of individual rolling load increases, thus reducing the accuracy of rotation of the bearing, reducing the service life; clearance is too small, the friction will increase, the heat generated increases, increased wear, also can reduce bearing life. Therefore, the bearing assembly must strictly control and adjust the clearance.
      Preload is the bearing assembly to the inner or outer ring an axial force to remove the bearing clearance, and make the rolling element and the inner and outer contacts generated at the beginning of deformation. Preload can improve the working condition of the bearing stiffness and rotational accuracy, greater load bearing, high precision bearings rotate, mostly in the absence of even a small amount of clearance over the work of state interference, in which case it required in the assembly, the bearing preload. Clearance and preload adjustment are usually seen by the inner ring relative axial displacement of appropriate methods to complete. From the above technology concept is easy to see, through the bearing clearance adjustment, can improve the bearing capacity and rotational accuracy, improve bearing life. But at the same time make the bearing frictions, the heat increases, so adjust the clearance or preload must ensure good lubrication and heat dissipation. If improperly adjusted or poor lubrication, it will in turn cause increased bearing wear, reduced life expectancy.

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