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Deep groove ball bearings standard cleaning procedures and precautions

Author:   Date:2013/9/24

A: deep groove ball bearings standard cleaning process:

1 needs to be cleaned a lot of deep groove ball bearings, it first with a temperature of 90 ~ 100 ℃ hot oil to the oil seal to melt away, and then use clean tools inside hollowed out the old oil, then pour hot for a while and then go inside the hot oil flushing excess oil, gasoline poured the last step and then hot again.

2 Clean the surface of deep groove ball bearing, it should use clean gasoline, kerosene, what other solution for cleaning, after confirmation clean dry with a clean cloth and then coated with a thin layer of oil, and then accordance with the standard installation process to install.

3. Everything checks ready and waiting to open the package when the deep groove ball bearings, bearing into gasoline, etc. should be cleaned by hand and then gently rotate the liquid outer bearing full, then this clear to the roof surface and the inside of the ball raceway debris.

B: deep groove ball bearings cleaning precautions:

1 focus on checking the accuracy of its size, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and the mating surface raceway, cage and ring. Determine the mechanical properties and the criteria according to the degree of importance and checking cycles vary. If the following injury, the bearings must not be reused and must be replaced.

2 deep groove ball bearings in the choice of cleaning agent cleaning time to pay attention dimensional neutral cleaning agent, not with water, diesel oil, kerosene and other ingredients, according to the actual demand and sometimes can also be used to wash warm lye.

3 there is a more important, must be immediately after they have finished cleaning the deep groove ball bearing evenly on the surface rust oil and antirust grease to avoid deep groove ball bearings rust, caused by a bad effect on the mechanical.

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