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Bearing Vibration generated

Author:   Date:2013/9/24

In general, bearing does not generate noise. Often feel "bearing noise" is in fact the bearing directly or indirectly with the surrounding structure of the sound effect of vibration. This is why many noise problems can be considered when it comes to the application of the entire bearing vibration problem.
Due to changes in the number of rolling load generated excitation
When a radial load on a bearing load, the number of load bearing rolling elements may vary slightly in operation, i.e. 2-3 -3-2-3 .... This causes the load direction of the offset. The resulting vibration is inevitable, but can be pre-loaded to reduce axial, rolling load at all (not applicable to cylindrical roller bearings).
Waviness component
The bearing ring and the bearing or the tight fit between the shaft case, the bearing ring may be compatible with the adjacent parts of the shape and deformation. If there is distortion in the operation may produce vibration. Accordingly, the bearing and the shaft is machined to the required tolerances is important.
Local damage
Since operation or installation error, a small part of the bearing raceways and rolling elements may be impaired. In operation, the rolled damaged bearing member will produce a particular frequency. Frequency analysis can identify the damaged bearing member.
The vibration behavior of the application
In many applications, the bearing stiffness and rigidity of the structure around the same. Due to this feature, as long as the correct choice of the bearing (including pre-load and clearance) and in the application configuration, it is possible to reduce the vibration applications.
There are three ways to reduce the vibration:
Removed from the application critical excitation vibration;
Components and suppress resistance to stimulate critical excitation vibration resonance between components;
Changing the stiffness of the structure, thereby changing the critical frequency.

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