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Magnetic bearing characteristics and classification

Author:   Date:2013/9/17
Magnetic bearings are supported by magnetic force load bearing or suspended form a rotor . This bearing has developed rapidly in recent years , particularly in the high-speed, low friction , high ( low ) temperature and vacuum environment applications . Magnetic bearings compared with other forms of support has its unique advantages, promising .
Magnetic bearing characteristics and classification
1 . Feature
① low friction, low power consumption, ultra- high-speed operation .
② supporting high precision , stable and reliable.
③ at high temperature , cryogenic and vacuum environments running.
④ complex structure , requiring harsh conditions, magnetic interference on the environment , but no other contamination.
2 . Classification
Magnetic bearing according to its control, magnetic energy source , structure and other classifications. In addition, you can also press the magnetic field of the permanent magnet type by type , type electromagnet and permanent magnets - the electromagnet mixed. Bearing suspension force can also be divided into a suction type type type and repulsion . Superconducting magnetic bearing is also divided into low and high temperature superconducting superconducting two kinds.
All of the above categories between different types there are some special restrictions , should pay special attention .
① magnet bearing is only a passive type ( passive ) , and not in the passive bearing is stable three directions , the direction of at least one active type should be used .
② DC excitation type bearings can only be active type ( active ) .
③ pure electromagnetic type bearings only five degrees of freedom control type bearings, volume, mass and power consumption are large .
④ repulsive type magnetic bearing , because the flux utilization is low, suction -type structure is more complex , it seldom used .
 Several typical magnetic bearings
1 . Permanent magnet-type magnetic bearing
Permanent magnet-type magnetic bearing is made by the permanent magnets can be made into various shapes. Load bearing capacity and stiffness depends on the type of permanent magnet material , pole shape, area , thickness and configuration, the bearing clearance , and the size of the portion of soft magnetic steel . Theoretical calculation of these bearings is very difficult , often using " experiment similar method" design . Is determined experimentally several typical bearing structure , measure its carrying capacity, stiffness . Take the same design as long as the new bearing material , the structure and dimensions according to the ratio that the performance can be calculated in proportion to such bearing capacity of the bearing is proportional to the square of the feature size and so on.
2 . AC excitation type passive magnetic bearing
Thrust bearings are usually combined in pairs , each bearing is an electromagnet . Core geometry is generally E-shaped , U-shaped or annular . Tuning mode of serial and parallel two kinds .

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