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Bearing old code division method

Author:   Date:2013/9/17

Zero class, a class so this argument is the old Chinese saying bearing code.
The old code base code number from right to left, is the fourth digit is a few categories.
For example: 3053748K bearing basic model number from right to left fourth digit is 3, then the bearing is in Class 3.
Class 0: deep groove ball bearings
Category 1: Self-aligning ball bearings
Two categories: short cylindrical roller bearings
Category 3: Spherical Roller Bearings
Category 4: Needle Roller Bearings (Long Cylindrical Roller Bearings)
Class 6: angular contact ball bearings
Class 7: Cylindrical roller bearings
Class 8: angular contact ball bearings
Class 9: Thrust Roller Bearings

Now the new code to identify the type of bearing, bearing basic code from left to right is the number of the first digit or letter, or the first and second combined recognition. From left to right the first or the first and second numbers together
6 shows the deep groove ball bearings (Class 0)
4 shows a double row deep groove ball bearings (Class 0)
2 or 1-aligning ball bearings (basic model of four figures) (Class 1)
21,222,324 represents aligning roller bearings. (Class 3)
7 shows the angular contact ball bearings (6)
3 shows the tapered roller bearings (Metric) (Class 7)
515,253 represents angular contact ball bearings (basic model of five figures) (8 classes)
81 represents short cylindrical roller thrust bearings (9)
29 shows the spherical roller thrust bearing (9) The reason why there are Class 0, Class 1 of the call, because many of the older generation bearings, still under the influence of the old code. Master new old code swap is a must.

N denotes cylindrical roller bearings (including short and slender needle roller part) (Class 2)
    NU inner wall.
    NJ Single inner ring ribs.
    NF single outer wall.
    N outer wall.
    NN double row cylindrical roller, the outer ring without ribs.
    NNU double row cylindrical roller, inner wall.
     Diameter of the roller length is at least 5 times, called the needle bearing (4 categories)
    NA Rotary cutting cup needle roller bearings
    NK punching needle bearing shell
    K Needle roller and cage assemblies, no inner and outer rings.

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